Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday

And speaking of light agenda...
The Worcester School Committee meets Thursday. The agenda is here.
There are a number of recognitions, including Donna Lombardi from School Nutrition getting the Mass Public Health Association's Lemuel Shattuck award!
The report of the Superintendent is on opiods and their impact on the community.
There are some retirements and appointments.
There is a response to the query from Ms. Colorio on school discipline referrals by school.
There is a response to Mayor Petty's question regarding participation in Skills USA (short version: $14,000).
There is a request for approval of  $1,505.56 for Shred-it.
There is a request for approval of a donation of $1,200 from Tufts University for a fitness study involving 3rd & 4th graders at Chandler Magnet School.
There's a request to accept donations totalling $350 for the CPR project.
There's a request to approve the SHINE Initiative grant for $7900.
There's a request to approve $144.55 from Target for Heard Street. 
Mr. Monfredo wants to encourage the establishment of chapters of "Stand for the Silent."
He also wants to recognize WEDF.

Miss Biancheria wants a list of groups doing cleanups.
There's a request to approve a new nurse. 

There is also an executive session to discuss (it appears) general strategy for all collective bargaining agreements. 

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