Thursday, March 3, 2016

Worcester superintendent interview questions

The search committee has released the questions that will be asked of all candidates.

Interview Questions:

1. We read frequently that a leader of an organization must have a vision. What is your vision for a mid-sized urban school system? What have you done to achieve that vision in your present situation? How would you go about achieving that vision in a new setting?
2. What do you see as the opportunities and challenges facing the Worcester Public Schools at present and in your experience, how has the Worcester Public Schools met the opportunities and challenges facing it during your tenure with the district?
3. What will you do to solidify a strong relationship and develop a shared strategic direction between the Worcester School Committee and the Superintendent?
4. Explain how you would build a strong relationship within the community, with our community leaders, higher education officials, legislators, social agencies and other governmental leaders.
5. What role should the community and parents play in the schools and provide examples of what you might do in your first six months as Superintendent to enhance the role of community and parents in this respect?
6. How would you create consensus regarding the priorities of the district and develop budget recommendations that reflect those priorities?
7. Nationwide, we hear about the achievement gap, especially in the urban districts and with English language learning students. What can we do to move all of our students to the next level in their educational career?
8. What plans do you have to inform the public of the many positive accomplishments within our district and how will you keep the public informed regarding district initiatives, needs and priorities?
9. How would you create a welcoming community where parents/families are partners in the academic success of their children and how would you create a staff which reflects and embodies this diversity?
10. As Superintendent, you will have an opportunity to appoint a number of principals and central office administrators. What criteria, philosophy and guidelines would you apply when making these decisions?
11. What is your leadership and management style and what would be your plan to effectively communicate with educators in our schools?
12. In recent years, the Worcester Public Schools has addressed opportunities and challenges in such areas as:
1. expanding interest in vocational education on the part of students
2. special education
3. arts and music education
4. gifted student education
5. technology
6. student and staff safety and security
Please share with us your thoughts as to topics and considerations we should address in each of these areas.

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