Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March Board update on the budget

88.2% of total budget goes to chapter 70 aid (FY16: $4,511,882,199)
5.3% to circuit breaker
5.3% to grant programs
0.7% to state supported resources
0.5% to general admin

thus only the last 1.2% is DESE

closing in on ninth month of fiscal year
House W&M for FY16 has supplemental funding for testing, as requested
not much to report on FY17 now
"certainly members of General Court have different ideas on how to spend the dollars, but we had a productive dialogue"
House budget due April 14; debate to begin April 25
state assessment out to bid: bids due May 6
that will be our biggest state-controlled financial issue next year
problem with not recognizing fixed cost growth over time
shifts of funding, state agency is largely federal funded
Sagan: $16B "and in my experience, much of it is probably wasted"
"look under the hood" at states and districts and find it
Chester: relationship between spending and academic performance in new "strategy and research" office
policy folks who would like to see more emphasis on what happens to new funding
funding for ELL for example"disappears into great hole"
greater tie to funding from federal dollars and what happens to those
Doherty: have heard a great deal of what money we don't have
"public education needs more funding"
ought to think if it is this Board's responsibility to take a position on the Fair Share amendment
Stewart: did get Foundation Budget Review Commission report
would like us to endorse

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