Saturday, February 1, 2014

Numbers to crunch for Thursday

While we don't yet have a full FY15 budget projection presentation (which I suspect may have something to do with this), there's plenty of numbers to crunch this weekend.
We've got the current (not October 1) classroom by classroom enrollment--seriously useful stuff, as these are the numbers that administration and principals are looking at as they're doing their first run-through of FY15 for building budgets. Now you have the same information that they do!
We have the full local aid numbers for Governor Patrick's proposed FY15 budget, with a comparison to the FY14 budget as passed.
We have the full calculation of the Net School Spending compliance, as we talked about earlier this week. Note the nearly 50/50 split on that $7.6 million administration line. WPS only controls half of it. Also, someone asked this week if charter school tuition counts towards Net School Spending; it does, and here you can see it: Line 12, City side, is the $26 million to charter schools.
And, to boot, we have the Governor's proposed budget as it pertains to WPS, including breakdowns in Chapter 70 aid and local contribution. If you're looking closely, you can see that we're all going to want to go back and check in with the "Determining Required Local Contribution" section of "Demystifying the Chapter 70 Formula" from Mass Budget. We haven't had that apply recently (possibly since the rewrite in 2007?) in Worcester, so go read it now. And if you're confused, I'm sure we're all going to go through it a bunch of times before June! Baseline, though, is that it represents good news on Worcester's local economy. 
As always with budget: much more to come!

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