Monday, February 24, 2014

Nelson Place building committee

and there's a PowerPoint!
If I'm reading this right, the building committee is voting on the preferred schematic program study tonight (UPDATE: It is), which doesn't appear to be up online...though I just found out that we have this website and the agenda is online
Introduction by Mayor Petty, Commissioner Moosey says this (that being the preliminary design program) will be submitted to the state next week.
posting as we go
Julie Lynch, DPW architect, "to get a vote, to hand this information over to the state next week"
three alternative solutions to the school
Eugene Caruso, Tishman Construction (who is the owner project manager)
After tonight's vote, MSBA reviews the project, comes back to us, on April 10, vote by building committee on preferred schematic design (aka: where they'll put it)
presentation by Lamoureaux Pagano on program "the big picture program for the building itself"
Here's the slide on the square footage, much discussed:

current Nelson Place is a 55,393 sq ft (gross); recommending a 110,000 sq ft replacement, (MSBA recommends 87000; overage is special education, largely)

integrating special ed throughout the building

Note that the above is NOT a floor plan; it's a way of figuring out what the building needs

There was a mention in passing of the library being run by the public library...hmm...need to come back to that.
site program features 140 parking spaces; plus more for events
also, an attempt to make it LEED certified and a net zero project

comparative site evaluation: existing building analysis
in other words: what are our options?
review of current building
"all systems are in need of replacement"
"facade is failing, windows are failing
the "no build" option would require...what? replacing systems, and also the fit of the program with the current building
new construction on this site
phased construction difficult, but possible
with additional land?
fields in particular
could meet all of the site programs with the site
Indian Hill site?
field are held under Article 97 "are put under parkland for park usage, so they pretty much have to remain that way"
limited area for bus drop-off, parking, as there isn't much space on the site
"not recommending that for this"
Forest Grove/McGrath
Nelson Place could fit on this site; phasing and swing space then transfers to Forest Grove site
but lose fields entirely (the plot just plopped NP down on the fields)
"not recommending this site any further"

about to file with MSBA: Preliminary Design Program
saying we need a 110,000 sq ft school to fit programs
"pretty aggressive site development" on keeping parking and buses on site
"best opportunity to develop the program is to do it here at Nelson Place, for several reason"
"have to prove that we put careful study into options available"
three options going forward are addition/renovation, construction on current site, construction on current site with additional land: this is what the building committee is voting on tonight
"in next five weeks, we're expected to advance these three options to full development" (of plans)
April 10, building committee will be asked to endorse a particular solution

Query: wetland and vernal pools? has anyone looked at that?
will be detailed out exactly on site plan
Query: what about opening roads? all dead ends and no exits
whatever is done, will be done in a way so that there aren't more cars parking in the street
"you'll still have all the traffic issues, though"
definitely some unhappy neighbors that they'd be moving forward at having the school in the same place
"will the woodlands beyond there be gone?"
"should be a huge consideration"
current school is 500 students, next one will be 600, largely due to siting of programs here
suggestion that meetings be posted at the school itself
Query: parent pointing out that the space is half and half academic space and special education
Rodrigues: autism growing exponentially throughout the country; looking at a 50 year projection
a "dream space"
principal speaking of preschool, OT, PT, speech spaces, which Nelson Place does not currently have
not all spaces designated as special ed only for special ed use
Query: other bigger spaces than MSBA recommends?
full kitchen rather than off site; administration for K-2, 3-6 divisions
and much continued concern from parents about expansion of special education space

Really, much encouragement for people to come next week:

Public hearing on Preliminary Design
Monday, March 3
7 pm
Nelson Place

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Margaret Foley said...

Thank you for keeping those that do no attend these meetings up to date. There needs to be more consideration given to the Forest Grove site, "giving up their fields", Nelson place pushed back will lose woodlands, wildlife, wetlands. These wetlands/vernal pools need further investigation, the REC should have been involved. Forest Grove has more exits for traffic, traffic at Nelson will be MOTS and 12 months per year with this proposal.