Friday, February 28, 2014

A bit more on last night's meeting

Sorry, I am realizing in  retrospect that I did a pretty atrocious job of live-blogging last night's meeting.
 It wasn't a heavy agenda: a number of items were held (including all of Miss Biancheria's, as she wasn't there due to her mother's illness), and much of what we did have were approvals and requests for reports.
There were two amendments on referrals:
Mr. O'Connell, speaking of Mr. Monfredo's item regarding the Providence Reads program requested that administration specifically look at the "Making Learning Visible" program when reporting back to TLSS on this item.
Mr. Monfredo, speaking of the approval of the Staples' grant to Worcester Arts Magnet, requested that the materials created be shared across the district for more writing in the classrooms.
Beyond, as Ms. Reis reports this morning, grant approvals, those were the big items.

And  reminder that we meet AGAIN next week, as it's the first Thursday of March.

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