Monday, February 3, 2014

Worcester School Committee meets on Thursday

All three of the main functions of the School Committee happening on Thursday night!
You can find the agenda here.
Up first is the annual evaluation of Superintendent Boone. We are--way--off schedule here, both because it's the first year with the new system, and due to technical glitches, but we are rolling forward. You'll note that nothing beyond the item is yet posted on this; that's because a single composite evaluation is being compiled by the Chair, Mayor Petty. That composite evaluation goes to the state; all individual evaluations are posted, public, and will be discussed on Thursday, however.
We also, as previously posted, have our FY15 preliminary budget projections to discuss.
And, to complete our three major duties, Governance and Employee Issues will be reporting back with some policy issues. 
Above and beyond that: we are honoring the Doherty football team and their coach for their amazing fall and state championship. We're also bringing in the Worcester on the Move group from South High and Columbus Park.
Teaching, Learning, and Student Supports met last week and is reporting out.
We're being asked to accept a grant for South High to have an artist in residence.
We're being asked to accept a grant to Worcester Tech due to Sheilia Harriety's NASSP award.
We're being asked to accept a grant for the STARS residency program at Elm Park.
We're being asked to accept a grant for at-risk children (looks like for Challenge and Reach Academies) for $75,000 from the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
And we're being asked to approve the appointment of a nurse.
Also, Mr. O'Connell wants to be sure we recognize the winners of the essay and art competitions at the Martin Luther King Day breakfast.
Also, that we publicize tours of the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial.
And Miss Biancheria is making a request regarding Teacher of the Year publicity.
Note also: no executive session on Thursday. 

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