Monday, February 3, 2014

Governance and Employee Issues meets tomorrow at 4!

The Standing Committee on Governance and Employee Issues (Monfredo, Biancheria, Foley) meets tomorrow at 4 pm at the administration building. You can find the agenda here.
And it's a full one!
We're doing some new year cleaning of house: filing the item on bushes at the DAB parking lot (which, thanks to some good work from school facilities and a grant from the Nathaniel Wheeler foundation, is now fixed up nicely!) and on the library parking lot (which for now, appears to not be disappearing under a hockey rink). We're also awaiting a response from DESE on out-of-school suspensions.
We have an extensive answer on the establishment of Title I Parent Advisory Council (no Council as yet, though).
We have a response on the continued lack of civil service examinations for custodians.
We also have up for consideration several items before the state legislature:

  • House Bill 512, which essentially says "Hey, we send you (at the state) lots of reports! Do you really need them all?" and establishes a commission to look at that.
  • House Bill 414, which would restore the authority of School Committees to review and approve School Improvement Plans (we had this authority, but the Legislature removed it)
  • Senate Bill 222, which would give charter schools reimbursement for special ed students based on students that they actually serve (something, as noted by the administration, that is not extended to public districts, and thus would advantage the charter schools. Also note extremely rare credit where credit is due on the 2005 rewrite of the charter reimbursement formula).

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