Thursday, February 6, 2014

Summative evaluation of Superintendent Boone

The Mayor is presenting a summative--merged, essentially--evaluation of all the of the School Committee. It's not yet online, but I imagine it will be. Also, we've only seen our own; we just got the summative and each others' now.
Mine is here.

Superintendent prepared a self-assessment, then each school committee member did one
"note that it encompasses the performance team in each department"
aka: this is as much an evaluation of the administration as it is the superintendent herself.

Essentially, the Mayor is here reading a chart so this is not an easy thing to take notes on
Each section has indicators on which every committee member gave a rating of exemplary, proficient, needs improvement, and unsatisfactory. Thus if you multiply the number of indicators times the 7 committee members, you'll get the total number of ratings for each category.

  • in Instructional Leadership (5 indicators) 25 proficient indicator ratings, 9 needs improvement ratings, and 1 unsatisfactory
  • in Management and Operations (5 indicators) 13 exemplary, 12 proficient, 10 needs improvement
  • in Family and Community Engagement (4 indicators) 18 proficient, 10 needs improvement
  • in Professional Culture (6 indicators) 2 exemplary, 25 proficient, 15 needs improvement

Biancheria 2 Proficient and 2 Needs Improvement
Colorio 2 Proficient and 2 Needs Improvement
Foley 3 Proficient and 1 Exemplary
Monfredo 4 Proficient
Novick 1 Exemplary and 3 Needs Improvement
O'Connell 3 Proficient and 1 Needs Improvement
Petty 3 Proficient and 1 Exemplary

5 Proficient (Petty, Monfredo, Biancheria, O'Connell, Foley) and 2 Needs Improvement (Colorio, Novick)
Overall, therefore, a evaluation of proficient

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