Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WPS by "level"

I wasn't going to do anything with this, but since I've been asked...

You all probably saw this in the T&G, but should you not have, here's the list of WPS schools by "accountability and assistance level" according to the state, post 2010 MCAS scores.

Level 1: Tech, UPCS, Clark St, Flagg St, Heard St, May St, Midland St, Nelson Place, WAMS, West Tatnuck

Level 2: Doherty, Jacob Hiatt, Tatnuck Magnet, Thorndyke Rd

Level 3: every other school in the city save-

Level 4: Union Hill, Chandler Elementary

Cavet: this is, of course, based entirely on MCAS scores. It is also predicated on NCLB which says that EVERY SINGLE CHILD must be proficient by 2014.

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Anonymous said...

VERY telling where these schools are located. Level 1 is all West Side pretty much