Thursday, September 16, 2010

Superintendent on district MCAS

There will be more on this at our next meeting...

recognizes the success and the elignment
all schools throughout the state identified by level

we got MCAS scores, growth data, school levels

10 of our schools have been designated as Level 1
4 as Level 2
27 as Level 3
(this is the level of intervention and support by the state)
We will continue as a Commisssioner's district (having any Level 4 would do that automatically)

Grade 3 literacy has been a focus and concern, as we had flatlined
9% gain in grade 3 proficient or above on ELA: "that's real growth and that's substantive growth"
"still have some work to do in that area..saw some significant growth in that area"
"all of our grade levels showed improvement, which the exception of 10th grade"

nine of our schools made AYP in both ELA and math
12 made it in ELA alone
6 in math alone
an additional 20 schools were within 5 composite points of where they needed to be for meeting AYP

"our student growth performance continues to be pretty much were we were before"...about half and half

"outpaced expected achievement rate in ELA and math" Burncoat High
Nelson Place and Heard Street have moved off of the list of concerns
"Commended schools"--a first this year--that have shown a great deal of progress
Clark Street, Elm Park, Heard Street, Jacob Hiatt, Nelson Place, Roosevelt, Tatnuck Magnet, Burncoat Middle

"beginning to pay huge dividends"
"sobering data on the science and technology data"
narrowing of focus on math and ELA, now "science is becoming an indicator"
"to be commended for fine work in 2009"

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