Thursday, September 2, 2010

O'Brien: recess

O'Brien: thanks people for being here
good discussion to have..when you come to issues like this, you go to people who are knowledgable about this stuff: staff on hospitals
"state of childhood health in this city"
"have a role to play in that...somehow, we've got to figure out how we do better"
"this is a piece of don't get enough PE in school (one a week for 20 minutes in elementary school)"
"I don't think it's a bad idea that we think that kids should be active for 30 minutes a day"
filings on this item were not trying to constrain principals
"we should be trying to figure out, and gather some of our data, try to do that in some schools over some period of time...get some data"
"obviously some room where that can be negotiated"
"a good do we get..set some goals"
"I do want to be respectful of the challenges they face"

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