Tuesday, September 21, 2010


more girls than boys taking AP's by a large number, particularly in English, points out Mullaney
Perda says borne out nationally and around the state
Mullaney requested the survey to say students' perspective on the courses; questions from parents regarding rigor of courses
motion that results of surveys be forwarded to principals and teachers of APs
question of kids being supported and how well they did, how well they were prepared: give that to teachers
question of asking students' opinions of teachers
missing piece for students that get scores of 1 and 2

O'Connell: "a magnum opus in many ways"
goal to increase number of students taking APs (back in Caradonio's day)
O'Connell concerned with kids getting low scores
number of kids taking course vs scores of kids
still have courses that have only one kid getting a 3,4,5
some in which lots of kids are getting 3,4,5

some question here as to what scores we've got here...2009?2010?

Mullaney points out that not all school systems require kids to take the AP; those districts scores reflect that
kids discouraged from taking exams if they can't achieve highly
we, on the other hand, require the tests
more metritorious for kids to take the test for the sake of having taken it

Novick: do we have a way of paying for kids who can't afford the AP test?

getting kids prepared for APs tracing back to grades 7 and 8: vertical alignment to be sure kids can manage it in their schedule, and that kids are academically prepared

O'Connell asks about AP in the Tech school (something fell through the cracks last year)
interested in the Saturday sessions: many students found it helpful
motion: refer the recommentations to TLSS for further study

Biancheria (bonus points for showing up for a committee to which she is not assigned): are we looking at additional science classes for the new North High School?
refer that question to TLSS

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