Thursday, September 16, 2010


...which was the original report..
Biancheria asks who does the work on planning out transportation
"entirely the Worcester Public Schools staff" that plans the transporation
"we assume all costs" for doing that work (says Allen)
Biancheria says an average of seven stops for elementary school buses
"why we would have an average of seven stops per school"
"two in particular that have 24 stops...I do have a problem with students who are getting on their bus at 7 am and getting off at 8:30...they're on a bus for an hour and a half"
asking if we could have a timeframe for when this is resolved
"we have to come up with a result...this is elementary school, they're little...not for an hour and a half on the bus"
funding for charter schools and the impact it has on infastructure, says Boone, does challenge us
possible one adjustment, says Allen, as of the five buses that serve the school (a citywide magnet), three start at the fartherest corners of the city
he adds further, that this time last year we'd have three more buses to add...we're using those for the Spirit of Knowledge students "at the cost of our own students"
Biancheria is asking for "no more than one hour"
Allen agrees that it's our goal to get them on time, no more than one hour
Biancheria asks for communication to parents telling them how the issue is resolved
"a drastic difference"

a student rep choses to speak to the issue: asks if we could combine stops, or we could suggest to parents that the kids could go closer to their home
Allen says they looked at combining stops, but there aren't a lot of possibilities in terms of student safety

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