Saturday, September 18, 2010

2010 School Committee retreat: recognitions

recognition of students, teachers, staff, and community members: could we create a monthly or quarterly meeting, perhaps held at a high school, for recognitions only? rather than done at School Committee?
Mullaney suggests that there be some standards for recognition
Monfredo: "anytime we can find some way to recognize students, we should"
O'Connell: maybe we need two levels; for some we just send a letter
Biancheria: I always thought that was what we were supposed to do (aka: recognize people)
concensus around having it at City Hall, having it at meetings, having some level of regs
some formal citation from School the mail, suggested by the mayor
Friel recommends spreading out items so as not to overbook any one night
filer recommends a letter or coming into City Hall; superintendent then reviews that
Mullaney: for staff, faculty, or community members must related to our mission
Biancheria: can it come from all the members? Can it be on joint stationery, signed (electronically), by all members?

While it's not in my notes, the decision was made to try to spread out recognitions, so as not to overwhelm any one night; to allow for recognitions by certificate with a letter signed by all members; and to self monitor on what warrents which.

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