Sunday, January 10, 2010

Teacher evaluation

The leadership of the LA teachers' union have an editorial in Friday's paper on teacher evaluation.
You might remember that evaluation is part of Race to the Top?
(yes, I thought we were done talking about it for awhile, too. But stay with me here.)

No, for those who are not fans of unions, this isn't a knee-jerk "we hate it" reaction. There are, speaking as a person who's been the one in front of the classroom while there's someone with a clipboard in the back, ideas here that really would improve teaching.
  • Having assessment done by people who are trained in it and have an idea of what it is you're supposed to be doing would be a good start (remarkable, the difference that makes).
  • Formal mentorship (as not everyone has, as I did, a thirty-years-in-the-profession teacher next door who answers to your panicked knock; thank you, Kay-Lee!) makes a huge difference on how well young teachers do and how they improve and if they stay.
  • Stopping "the only way up is out" career path is common sense. Let's keep good teachers in the classroom!
And, for a funnier take than mine, read Mimi's post on this.

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