Friday, January 22, 2010

Presentation on Instruction Leadership Teams

WPS improvement strategy from the Instructional Leadership Teams
Focus on Results aligning instuction with data
Jeff Mulqueen introducing....Mark Williams and Marie Morse (principals of Forest Grove & Clark Street School, respectively)
Clark Street:
12 members of team @ Clark St: "what do we do well and what don't we do well"
reading critically to respond well in writing ("We read. We write. We learn.") : the kids pledge each day
sharing of ideas does not yield competition between teachers; horizontal and vertical
"data-driven assessments and data-driven.."
exemplars and rubrics
8 am ILT meeting in the library tomorrow

Forest Grove:
reading comprehension
Wristbands, skits, dances, cheers
"Focus on Reading Comprehension Everywhere" (yielding, yes, FORCE)
printed on agendas, newsletters, ConnectED
bell to bell teaching, Cornell notes, and short answer prep
32 different staff members have presented to the faculty
representing district at Focus on Results conference in Pasadena

Boone: break down some of the mystery
observe how the culture shifts when there is collective ownership
sustainable for improving student achievement
"less is more" theory; the less we focus on, the better we do at that.

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