Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The latest round up

...on RTTT MOU sign-ons in Massachusetts: last night, Amesbury, Malden, Wachusett, Salem, Grafton, Newton, Billerica, and Hull's School Committees all voted 'yes' while North Reading voted 'no.'

The latest MASC tally is 37 yes, 7 no; the state's latest is 37 public districts, 26 charter, 11 regional districts, and 3 vocational districts have signed MOU's.

The most recent question is that of an MOA (a Memorandum of Agreement) proposed by the state teachers' union that some local presidents are requesting superintendents sign before the president will sign the MOU. It extends the legal protection (around contracts) of the MOU.

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Jim Gonyea said...

I rather enjoy that no school committee seems to be fully behind RTTT, but so many are signing on. I don't think they fully understand that the MOU is requiring a good faith effort to meet the RTTT requirements. I don't think it's going to be as easy to get out as many committees seem to think, and I believe the DESE has as much as said so.