Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finance and Operations Standing Committee: Hancock and adequacy study

Hancock case (item is from 2007) being filed.
While the S2247 did not include an adequacy study (it includes a report from the Commissioner at the end of 2011), the Governor's budget DOES include $250,000 for one for next year.

This is big news! While the Legislature periodically does call for an adequacy study, getting one actually funded has been a challenge. The governor's budget doesn't formally come out until next Wednesday, but parts of it come out piecemeal ahead. This is one piece--a study of whether or not the existing foundation formula is adequate for the education of a child in Massachusetts--that we need to push to keep in the budget as it goes through the Legislature.

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T-Traveler said...

fy 11 budget is released today