Monday, January 25, 2010

Destruction at Belmont Street Community School

By now you may have seen this at Daily Worcesteria or the T&G; in case you have not, over the weekend, vandals broke into Belmont Street Community School and destroyed a great deal.
Damages included broken glass strewn throughout the building, broken trophy cases and computer monitors, paint on the floors, cereal and milk thrown around the cafeteria and water damage from running faucets.
I don't know much more than what is here, other than Worcester is self-insured, so we pay for this, and it isn't going to be cheap.
School at Belmont Street is canceled for tomorrow. The kids left the building at 10 today for Worcester Tech, from where they were dismissed.

UPDATE: They're asking that people stay away from the building--which is a crime scene, after all--and there is an effort by the administration to coordinate the offers of help coming in. Stay tuned!

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