Thursday, January 7, 2010

MOU on Commissioner's district

Commissioner's district report on MOU with the state
(it's a multiple MOU night!)
Presentation from the superintendent on the MOU btn DESE and WPS
We are designated as a Commissioner's district
13 priority schools
actions we will take for school improvement
Mulqueen"collaborative relationship between DESE and WPS"
quarterly mtgs btn Mulqueen and DESE
  • Title 1 schoool supplement grant: federal (only to Title 1 schools in the district; support provided)
  • supplement from state, generally applied in the budget

Limited funding being used for:

  1. Focus on Results: coaches from district, leadership training (team mtgs), aligning
  2. Instructional Leadership Team Support: use data to improve instruction
  3. Implementation Audit: "how are we using our resources?"
  4. Comprehensive Accountability System: Center for Leadership "coming to help us develop" ("high leveraged adult do they translate to student performance?")

"improve system's efficiency and effectiveness conserving resources and expediting improved student improvement"


Neil and Joan said...

This Commissioner's District MOU process has been in place in the WPS for three years. In the past, the Dept SUpt, and Federal Programs Manager worked with DESE staff to get the MOU executed.

Neil and Joan said...

Limited funding for Focus on Results? For the previous two years the tab approached 400,000 a year. Some of it was paid for by the district's Title I budget, some paid for by the DESE using the District's Title I School Improvement funds. Almost 800,000 in two years, plus this year's funding, is a little more than "limited".