Monday, June 1, 2009

What's interesting about the budget allocations

There's a few things that are interesting about the budget allocations as listed below:
  • the School Committee costs $87,000 a year, which is purely the salary for the six committee members
  • we're only paying half a million dollars a year for crossing guards. For a metropolitan area that has many kids who walk to school, that feels like a bargain (if indeed we have enough).
  • both the out-of-state travel and the tuition accounts have been zeroed out, limiting meetings, teacher development, etc. to what is in-state, free, falls under another catagory, or is paid for by staff.
Please note also that in this year's budget are two things which may be of general interest: organizational charts (newly updated to reflect the incoming superintendent's reorganization) and a school-by-school budget. You can now see how much your neighborhood school spends, on what it spends, and compare it to other schools in the system.
There's also a length executive summary.

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