Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back in regular session

The School Committee is now back in regular session, lacking Ms. Mullaney, speaking of Don Kelley, the quadrant manager. Dr. Mills tells us that he has been in education for 40 years.
Mr. Monfredo: "It's nice to be important; it's more important to be nice."
Ms. Hargrove: "consummate professionalism" and says "we're going to miss you a lot" She's also counting on him to get her off the ice in the wintertime, as she lives nearby.
Mr. Foley: wants to know who's going to sit in the bullpen and estimate how long it's going to be until the meeting is over. "You really get it, you really care for what happens to every kid in our school system." Going to miss his sanity. Suggests to his wife that he could come back as a sub.
Ms. Loughlin cites his coming to work with four broken ribs this winter.
Mr. O'Connell says that caring for education misses the's caring for kids that matters.

Mr. Kelley, after some words of his own, receives a lamp (the light of learning, like on the WPS seal), a bunch of flowers, and a standing ovation.

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