Thursday, June 18, 2009

Considering the budget

We are now considering the budget.
Ms. Mullaney would like to address the budget (as she and the Mayor were not present, as they were at the Burncoat graduation), and particularly the administrative reorganization that is saving $500,000. She opposes the new accountability person. "I have not been persuaded this position is necessary...$26 million coming up next year, 400 teachers...cannot add another person to the table of organization...I cannot vote for that kind of expenditure.."
She wants another roll call vote (so she can vote with Brian O'Connell).
Mr. Monfredo says the new superintendent requests this, and we will evaluate next year.
okay, we're talking not about the Chief Academic Officer, as it's being advertised..right. Chief Accountability Officer
Brian O'Connell says we have a number of administrative positions in play. She may be able to find within the current confines of the administration and its budget. He's voting against this postion. If it's that important, she can find the dollars for it.
Mr. Bogigian says suppose Dr. Boone comes on and she can find the money...what if instead we fund the money and let her do the restructuring she's planning to..."it will more than ten times pay for this position...let's have confidence that she can bring the money that will pay for this position over and over again"
Ms. Hargrove says yesterday's meeting was very unpleasant and very sobering. We will need to "think outside of the box...a massive, massive issue...We need to assist her in this time." Supports the position.
Mr. Foley...major issue in FY11, $26 million deficit, systemic review of the changes...looking for successful outcomes in the system.."One of her first requests of us...courtesy to approve the position" Supports putting it in the budget.
Mayor Lukes wanted to hold the budget to have the meeting with the state delegation, "'though there didn't seem to be any compelling issues" on the budget. Somewhat uncomfortable with having to vote an additional position. Thinks that adding positions is not reality. Not possible. "We have to look at everything..." She wants a list of new positions for next year. Mayor Lukes wants to know what our legal status is in voting a budget if we have to keep looking at it in the coming year...Mr. Allen says that historically there are adjustments made into the year, and he says that budgetarily, they are within their perogative to revamp the budget into the coming year. To the mayor's question of when the budget is done, Mr. Allen stops himself from saying "next June."
Mayor Lukes asks him to comment on the report in the T&G that we aren't saving any money in the superintendent's office...her office is staffed as it was at the beginning of the year, rather than the end of the year, thus no change in the amount of money.
Vote is four to three, keeping the position of Chief Accountability Officer.

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