Thursday, June 18, 2009

FY10 budget vote: but wait, there's more!

Mr. Monfredo wants to reinstate a position of an adjustment counselor (we save $15,000 in unemployment compensation)...cut unemployement by $15,000...cut advertisement, printing, trash, electricity...most by $5000

Note please, that this is only the second motion being made regarding moving money around, and it's a motion not to save money, but to reallocate it to keep a position.

A teacher who works with students in a transitional period. They would have to move one of the other adjustment teachers over to there to take this on if we eliminate the position.
The Mayor points out that this is going to be a problem next year..."Unless we start now to deal with the disaster is clearly on the horizon"
Ms. Mullaney agrees "totally" with the Mayor. "We'd all better start getting used to it and tighten our belts"
Mr. O'Connell points out we're moving money, rather than creating a new position. He asks if the administration feels that the changes can be made without a large impact on services. The accounts Mr. Monfredo has chosen are more flexible, says Mr. Allen.
Role call on keeping the position fails 2-5.

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