Thursday, June 4, 2009

Custodian overtime

Overtime has gone up because we have fewer custodians.
Overtime is primarily used for absences. We've been running too low on overtime; this is a more realistic number than has been in the past.
This is a decrease in the salary account, and increase in the overtime (which is how we've been spending money, anyway).
Mr. O'Connell asks if we use summer staff.
We get grants to do some of that: yard work, inside work.
Can we hire summer help out of summer overtime or are there collective bargaining issues?
Probably contractual issues.
Mr. O'Connell putting an item on the table to hire summer help (former/ current students) for FY11 (!). Mr. Monfredo talks about cosmetic changes in the summertime, and brings up an item he'd proposed on having parents help out.

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