Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Worcester school meetings this week : UPDATED

And we have a school committee agenda...it only was posted this morning...
There are two subcommittee meetings this week (apologies for not posting earlier):

  • Finance and Operations met last night which appears to have had the auditors in, as well as covered the third quarter report, with transfers coming out of health insurance to cover balances. Note that cutting legal services in a negotiation year was not a good idea. Since WPS seems to be running a rolling agenda, we can't tell what's going to be talked about at a meeting unless there's a backup. That completely negates the reason for having a posted agenda. 
  • Teaching, Learning, and Student Supports this afternoon at 5 is set to cover Mandarin Chinese, girls ice hockey, summer programs, gifted students, and the DOJ agreement. I am told it is cancelled. 
There's also a regular Thursday meeting, which has the postponed report of the superintendent on a FY19 budget update (a week (?) ahead of the FY19 budget going out to the School Committee). 
There are a series of appointments, resignations, and retirements.
There are some recognitions.
There's a response that allowing for school choice siblings automatically to be in the same school would cause space issues. 
There will be (not posted) a response on free driver's ed.
Miss Biancheria would like a schedule of Memorial Day events by school.
Mr. O'Connell would like the district to consider participating in the Massachusetts Assistance Program for Lead in School Drinking Water.
Mr. Comparetto would like the committee to go on record in favor of S.2325, the Foundation Budget Review Commission bill.
And there are two grants for reception: the Increased Quality Summer Learning and Transition Program Grant for $45,000, which will be used for a summer rising kindergartner program at Elm Park and for 7th graders at Forest Grove; and the 21st Century Learning Centers Summer Enhancement Grant for $20,000, for a summer writing and reading program at Sullivan Middle and Burncoat Middle.

There is a 6 pm executive session for negotiations with teachers, tutors, tradesmen, parent liaisons, and plumbers and pipefitters, and two grievances. 
If it looks as though the budget update is happening, I'll try to make it. 

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