Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Board of Ed meets for May next week

The rest of the May meeting of the Board of Ed is next Tuesday at Marblehead High. The agenda is here. This is the annual Board of Ed field trip to the high school of their student rep, who this year is Hannah Trimarchi, a graduating senior (and to editorialize for a moment, she's been great!).
And good heavens: it starts at 10:30!
There is the usual round of comments from the Chair, the Commissioner, the Secretary, and the public.
Usually, they do a brief round on whatever the evening meeting was about, so there may be a short version of last night's meeting on accountability.
New Mission High in Boston is a Distinguished Title I school this year, and there will be a presentation.
Also, Boston Superintendent Tommy Chang is coming to give an update on the Dever School, for which he is the state's receiver.
There's a discussion of the revised draft history and social sciences framework.
This is of interest: there's a discussion on automated essay test scoring. I'd sum up the memo as "it's interesting, we're watching it, we're not there yet," but given Commissioner Riley's clear push for getting scores back to districts sooner (and it being cheaper), I'd suspect that this one isn't going away.
Ms. Trimarchi will give her end of year report from the State Student Advisory Council.
There is an update on the Senate Ways and Means budget (which oddly doesn't include the low income proposed shift in the memo).
There's also a proposed schedule of Board meetings (so you can mark your calendar ahead of time).
Yes, there will be a liveblog. 

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