Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Opening remarks at the Board of Ed in Marblehead

The agenda is online here. This will open with a welcome from Marblehead to the Board of Ed, so don't expect regular business until after 11 or so.  Posting as we go as I have a connect; wifi is super wonky and weak...

Sagan:Held special meeting this month; presentation on accountability; expect to take a vote on the system in June
Congratulations to Morton his honorary degree

have been visiting schools as part of Leading the Nation
"while I have some issues around the Leading the Nation campaign itself, celebrating teachers and schools is incredibly important"
coming in today is New Mission High:"beginning a process of bringing in some great schools"
 and talk about what's important: hey! This is a thing that I complain about! Hurray!
accountability: entering a new era
"really need to be thoughtful about the direction we're going"
notes students at Stoughton High; condolences on behalf of the Board and the entire department

Public comment:
On the Dever School
founder and executive director of Blueprint on the Dever School
which he calls "Dever School" thus marking himself as not from Boston...
acknowledge and thank those at the Department who worked alongside us at Dever for three years
requires a special person at the helm
"we're all rooting for its continued success"

on the history standards: 
Mass Council on Economic Education: advocating for personal finance education
"when we look at rigor and relevance" cites Lexington High students (who had testified here before, which he doesn't seem to be quite understanding)
lobbyist who spent time on consumer and financial issues
proposed draft financial literacy standards infused
hearing need for life skills
Rob Powers: much improved
bring attention to a possible blind spot
research a report on each region
realize removal was concern over time, but concern over development of global citizens
"have seen this learning in global geography classes"
essential skills fostered in students
"a framework is a reflection of values"
and Rob was much more eloquent than I just reflected; his full remarks are online here
another: revised frameworks and he's basically just describing them? 
Moriarty asks about PD for teachers for the new eighth grade class
hope to introduce content, critical thinking, problem solving, community project
"try to develop a plan...and offer school districts and teachers free professional development"
another: students engagement with resources rather than passively absorbing lectures
frameworks incorporate diverse backgrounds of students; those that have been marginalized
"standards are the floor not the ceiling"
Chris Martell on board: support standards
taught mostly at Framingham High
"this framework is a substantial improvement over previous versions"
"emphasis on engaged citizenship is groundbreaking"
supports implementation of history MCAS
highlights a few more recent items left out: LA riots, Michael Brown, Hurricane Maria response
"race relations since the 1970's" is left out
"I have a real easy fix...high school US history standards 37" redraft
His full remarks are here
another: steeped in best practices in education
"all students leave our schools" with strong civics education; full comments here

automated test scoring:
founder and CEO of an educational technology company
he's running through some stats on scores
multiple choice questions are gender discriminatory (really? I need to look into this)
challenge of grading open responses (in terms of time for teachers)

minutes approved

Marblehead High welcome
Superintendent Perry: "it's not often someone gets up here and brags about their schools, so I'm going to spend time on that"
principal says Trimarchi "exemplifies everything we're looking for in a student"
Sagan: "we're a regulatory board; if you need anything while we're here, we could waive some rules, bring in some more regulations..."
Perry: "how much time do you have?"
Sagan: "we didn't say we brought more funding"

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