Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Board of Ed on Level 5: the Dever School

there's a backup here
Johnston: seeing teachers planning together
"students receiving the same theme-based rigorous learning" throughout the building
substantially subseparate classrooms for students with social-emotional issues; "caring staff" finding ways to support students in their learning

Fishburn: "aggressively moving from 5 to 2" by which I assume he means levels...which won't be possible because THEY DON'T EXIST ANYMORE
there were R's in there that I missed
Chang: thank Chester for his confidence in [Chang] appointed as receiver
consistency in leadership
focus on culturally and linguistically sustaining practices (CLSP)
coherence to the work by support the school in its offering high quality enrichment and partnership
four priority areas as "greatest levels for change"
  1. strong teaching: doubling down on adult learning
  2. well-rounded curriculum "We think college starts in kindergarten...on or above grade level in literacy and in math"
  3. supports for students so they have what the need to learn (partnerships with materials and interventions; breakfast in the classroom, library); restorative work around discipline
  4. alignment of people, time, and money; Dever staff is nearly 50% people of color; high number of multiply-literate staff; align school calendar with family needs
"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant."
"at the end of the day, it's about more than [moving from 5 to 2]...our students have dreams...we're going to empower young people to achieve their hopes and dreams"

Moriarty: was looking at a couple of data points on the profile
"extremely high churn rate in 2013"
high chronic absentee rate
Fishburn: first thing we're doing is we're tracking it
"we've had 59 students come since January 29 and about 30 of those are from" the Caribbean as a result of the hurricane
attendence is something we've made progress on; now hovering at 91.2%
"strategic intervention plans...bring the parents in and get to the 'why'"

language line...paid for by the minute...go between with parents who speak another language...removes the barrier of communicating with families
buy T cards to reimburse families who visit
have bought Y memberships for families

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