Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What poor kids miss in the summer

It matters:
While nearly two-thirds of students from non-poor families visited an “art galleries, museums, or historical sites with family members during the summer,” only one-third of poor students did. 
Just 15 percent of low-income families reported taking their kids to a play or concert over the summer, compared with a third of non-poor families. 
There were also major gaps in students likelihood of attending summer camp: 39 percent of non-poor kids did, compared with just 7 percent of children from poor families.
What aren't they missing?
A larger subset of poor families than non-poor families said they had their children work on math and writing activities every day...And one-third of kindergarten graduates of all income levels looked at or read books every day.
(Note those are two articles covering the same study.)

I hope this summer the phone calls from the district are less about reading and math and more about free concerts, museums, and other events.

PS: Dan Gleason (Ayer-Shirley School Committee) notes one more thing poor kids miss in summer:

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