Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Worcester School Committee meets this Thursday!

The Worcester School Committee has its regular first Thursday meeting this week (and we're back to the 7 pm meeting time, too!). You can find the agenda here.
I'm still sorting my way through the Superintendent's report (which has four back-ups; check the agenda) on "District Systems of Support Review." post on that to come
We'll get an Opening of School report at our meeting on September 19.
Much of the bulk of the agenda---and why it'll look so think on our desks this week!--is the retirements/resignations/hires that are on this week. We have a resume for every new staff person hired, and it's quite a list!
There's a request for the formal agreement on the Regatta Point boathouse.
I'm asking for more information on the PARCC pilot this spring.
We're being asked to approve prior year invoices of $4,399.64, of $12,765.34, and of $1719.96.
We're being asked to accept an innovation school grant of $30,000 for Woodland Academy; we didn't get a backup on this, so I've asked for one.
Ms. Biancheria (et al) is asking for more information on the new attendance initiative; there's also an item further down asking that we accept (in advance) donations for this initiative.
And several requests for recognitions, plus we're supposed to have Mr. O'Neil from the WRTA in to thank him for putting those great reading posters on his buses this summer.

7 pm, City Hall!

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