Thursday, September 5, 2013

District Systems of Support review (report of the Superintendent)

Boone: "great opportunity to share a report from an outside entity"
redesign the district systems of support plus at the Level 4 schools themselves
"as part of our turnaround requirements...district redesign plan"
throughout the three years of Level 4 schools, a number of site visits by SchoolWorks "as they are an outside observer and data collector"
"external validation of all of our alignment of resources"
should know in the next few weeks if first two schools exit Level 4
"this is one prong" of what is considered in the state making that decision

Purpose: to collect evidence that will assist the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in determining if a district has established systems in order to sustain the improvement of schools designated as Level 4 in 2010
Standards: effectiveness, efficiency,and intergration of system-wide in six areas:
Leadership and governance
Curriculum and instruction
Human resources
Student support
Professional development

three ratings: embedded, developing, not present

in leadership: district anticipates, addresses, and differentiates school staffing and operations: embedded
in curriculum: district strengthens instructional leadership capacity by supporting the development of school-based instructional best practices: embedded
in curriculum: curricula and instructional practices in the district are not developed to attain high levels of achievement for all students: not present
Rodrigues reminds that the district is in the process of reviewing curriculum and is creating unit models and common plans
definitions of reading, writing, and discourse not happening in our classrooms
principals charged with ensuring that the teachers knew about those documents
in assessment: district delivers data to schools: embedded
in assessment: district and school leaders use data to drive some of their decisions: developing
claim is lack of time and people to "complete rigorous evaluations of important programs and initiative"
in HR: to select, develop, and support staff: embedded
in HR: employment of administrators is linked to evidence of effectiveness: developing
in student support: district provides what schools need to address student needs: embedded
in student support: district ensures students have services and supports: developing
in financial management: district acquires and uses financial resources to provide for all students: embedded

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