Monday, September 30, 2013

"The winners of a rigged game should not get to write the rules"

Earlier this fall, at one of the community meetings running up to the election, I was asked something like the following question:
Children who come to this country as immigrants are required to take the MCAS in English long before they are fluent in English. A tenth grade student, an immigrant, required to take the MCAS and knowing well that he was unable to understand, let alone fluently respond to, the questions on it, refused to take the test. Because the tenth grade exam is required for graduation, he was required to sign a legal form in English that he understood what he was forgoing. What is your response to this?
My response is that it's definitely unethical, possibly illegal, and absolutely immoral.

But Dylan Garity says it better than I:

h/t Upworthy and all the people who posted this on Facebook this week!

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