Thursday, September 12, 2013

A few back-to-school questions answered

A few answers to questions that have come up these past few weeks that I thought might be of general interest:

  • With the Parent Portal down for a bit, it is still possible to add money to your child's account! You just have to do it the old fashioned way: with actual cash. If you send in cash (not checks)  to school, in an envelope for "School Nutrition" with your child's name and a request to add the funds to their account, the money can be added. And good news! I saw new nutrition computers going in today!
  • Have a secondary student who has an unsafe trip to the bus stop? Requests for bus stop changes go to your school (not to Transportation).
  • Likewise, yes, you SHOULD PLEASE let your school know if there is something going on with your bus: it's repeatedly late or the like. The school turns those in and Transportation can deal with them as a group. So, yes, please turn those in!
  • Do please familiarize yourself with the Policy Handbook and reference it if there are actions being taken contrary to WPS policy.
  • Superintendent Boone will be giving the opening of school report next Thursday at School Committee, so please watch (or come!) if that's of interest. 

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