Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Superintendent Boone at CPPAC

speaks of successful opening of school
posting as we go

summer work at various schools including accelerated repairs, being finished over next few weeks; many successful applications through MSBA
enrollment: looking to see how it shakes out, making adjustments
kindergarten always the unknown
"we were as proactive as we could have been for everything that we were certain about"
transportation: posted in a timely way
two mile walking parameter
fought those that suggested we should not transport secondary students or should charge for it
once we hire our 90 buses for elementary, we have them for the day
"it was just one of those fights that was worth taking on"
"there are those challenges when you are right on the cusp of the two miles...there are the realities of what we can afford"
added sports at high school to balance out athletics for girls, working to expand opportunities for students
opening of school report coming to School Committee next week: you should come! or watch!
the Worcester Public Schools are the third largest employer in the city (after UMass Memorial and the Medical school)
work year round, not only in admin, but with many summer programs
attendance awareness campaign, partnering with a number of groups
"I'm not talking about those places where children get...flus...all of those things we recognize"
chronic absenteeism: 18 or more days in the school year
average of 20 instructional days in a month of school
working with groups to create awareness of the impact of excessive absenteeism on student achievement
connect families with services to help get and keep kids in school
raise community awareness so we can look for kids who are missing or find out why kids are where
"one or two days every now and then can add up over the course of a school year"
working with UMass on asthma, due to the prevalence of chronic asthma as something that keeps kids out of school
MassCore requirements for graduation for this year's ninth graders
state allows local school districts to set their own standards, admission to state colleges and universities revised at same time; our new requirements reflect UMass system requirements
"not just about changing standards for us...worked with ninth grade teachers for the changed expectations"
similar work for tenth grade teachers this coming year
Level 4 schools: first two looked at this fall for if they will stay there or move out

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