Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Score one for the good guys in Bridgeport

You have to read pretty far down in the press coverage to get this, but score one for the local, small money, grassroots, non so-called ed reform crowd in Bridgeport, Connecticut yesterday:
The victory tips the balance against the mayoral-backed Democratic majority on the nine-member board that has supported schools superintendent Paul Vallas and his education reform efforts. 
Mayor Bill Finch and the three party-endorsed candidates all support Vallas, whose qualifications to keep the job will be weighed by the state Supreme Court later this month.The three challengers all indicated the district would be better off with someone else. 
Their campaign manager, Marilyn Moore, said she felt Finch's failed quest for a mayoral-appointed board led to the challengers' victory."They're saying we want people who are going to answer to us, not to the mayor," she said.
More from Diane Ravitch here.  You can get the full picture on how this fits into the larger picture of Bridgeport from Jonathan Pelto.

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