Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Checking in on the Level 4 schools

It turns out that's what "Worcester Public Schools' Systems of Support Review" is on...
Among the things the state did in filling the requirements around Race to the Top is hiring SchoolWorks, LLC to come into the schools declared Level 4 by the state and investigate how and what they are doing.
Note that the state paid for this--not Worcester--one assumes thus adding to the millions spent on outside consultants from Race to the Top dollars.And you might do some looking around the SchoolWorks website if this sort of thing interests you.

SchoolWorks came into the district as well as our three schools and looked at a few things that the state (and SchoolWorks) deems important in Level 4 schools improving (beyond test scores, which we should have in the next month or so).
You can find the district report here.
You can find the report on Wraparound Zone services here. (interesting reading here)
You can find the report on Burncoat Prep here.
You can find the report on Chandler Elementary here.
You can find the report on Union Hill here.

Superintendent Boone is presenting on this tomorrow night, and discussion will follow.

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