Monday, May 7, 2012

What's the latest on Claremont?

As we've now gone from negotiations to it being before the Division of Labor Relations, this is still a discussion in executive session (and thus there is very little that I can say). If you missed my post on the vote to negotiate, it's here. For those, however, who may have missed a bit of the public information:
  • As the EAW has declared an impasse in the negotiations, the last best offer from the administration and School Committee is what moves forward while the matter is before the state. 
  •  Teachers currently at Claremont Academy met over Friday and today with the incoming principal Ricci Hall. After discussing with him the direction of the school going forward, they will individually opt in or out of staying at Claremont.
  • Note that staying will involve teaching heterogeneous (mixed in level) classes that are to be taught at an honors level. The leadership structure of the school is changing. Professional development is being added. Teachers may find that this is not something they can do. They then, as contractual Worcester Public School employees, are eligible for openings elsewhere in the system.
  • No one is being fired. Or pink-slipped. Or any other euphemism you'd like.
  • We should know by the end of the week how many teachers plan to stay, and thus how many positions from Claremont are going on the bid list and how many current Claremont teachers are opting to move elsewhere in the system (and those teachers will know from the bid list what positions are available for them).

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