Thursday, May 17, 2012

All non-teaching positions

Here's the list.
Every position that is not a principal, an assistant principal, or a teacher.
Colorio asks for an organizational chart and the number in each position
"some were a little out of date in who they report to"
Luster: "that sounds like a simple request, but I'd like to tell you that it's not"
best table of org is in the budget
"this would take quite a bit of time for me to tell you if we even have people in them"
"some of them haven't been filed since the report titles have been altered"
suggests reviewing the budget document
Colorio: "I was hoping we'd have something that is up to date with every position that is being filled"
Boone: start with budget document
"we will put together what we can, but some are singletons"
Novick: do we only rewrite position descriptions when the position is open?
Biancheria: "there is not an actual notebook of information that would show who's who in the Worcester Public Schools"
Luster: No. That's in response to the question asked.
I can give you a report of every single person who works for the Worcester Public Schools and who they report to I can give you that.
Biancheria: I would think that we could know every single person and every single position as we consider the budget.
"it didn't appear that administration was able to give a direct we have an organizational chart with every single person that works for the Worcester Public Schools?"
Boone: chart which shows every position, some serve multiple schools...I said we would provide that
Luster: "what I intended to explain to the committee is that we have not updated to change these to reflect the titles, the changes in responsibility, the changes in who they report to"
have information, may not be as was orginally asked
positions at each school: Luster: it's part of the budget book

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