Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crew team is taking donations!

Monfredo introduces the item, referencing the destruction of at least five boats.
O'Connell says he appreciates a chance "to get an oar in" (to which the mayor replies, "You've been waiting all week to say that.")
O'Connell runs through the questions of who receives donations and what that does for who ends up with ownership, but requests that the School Committee be ready to receive donations.
Fundraising which allows naming rights of boats and color selection rights of boats.
Dawn Johnson speaks of the great experience her sons have had with WPS crew (it's a joint team for the city).
The work that the booster club does to fund much of what the team does.
They need two new eight shells, which costs $25,000 each.
You can donate through Paypal at

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