Thursday, May 17, 2012

Governance and Employee Issues

National Resolution on High Stakes Testing
Boone: speaks of concerns of district vision, direction of accountability
Foley: fan of MCAS testing, if we support this we support it all
content for all students
Monfredo: accountability has helped children across the nation
"We cannot continue to go forward with testing as the end all and be all"

sorry...I can't type and talk..I'll put up the clip tomorrow

knocked on 6000 doors
"stick and tired of all the testing"

O'Connell: Hobson's choice
"is that really working its way to the teachers or are they hearing they don't have a choice?"
reading a split vote

motion to table

David Joyce: on "something that goes between the students and the test"
something to keep their interest, speaks of extracting DNA from a strawberry

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