Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Joint Meeting on Facilities

Foley: update on capital projects: to both council and committee. Main conversation this afternoon is gb #2-125 on the School Committee agenda:
  • update on ESCo, projects funded but not completed, update on environmental concerns (including PCBs), plans on capital projects for FY13
publishing as we go 

Foley jokes that we need to find some money for the heating system at City Hall, upon which Allen says we'll start with ESCo, as City Hall is an ESCo project
Allen notes that many of these are improvements "that people will not see...the boring stuff, we'll call it" (water conservation, systems controls...reducing energy costs and energy usage)
Boiler replacement for Union Hill 
...getting rid of the "clunky" temporary boiler outside of Union Hill
Boiler and chillers for Union Hill, Worcester Arts, Quinsig, Claremont/Woodland building, Roosevelt, and Norrback  (that includes those 1990 era systems that failed)

O'Brien notes that the big ticket boiler replacements are moved there to free up capital funds
Foley: "to get a real jump on things"
"building infiltration" (weatherstripping...doors, windows, etc)
Foley: lesson learned? Allen says not purchasing things as one unit; if it fails, it fails
decisions closer to the schools

Colorio: 45 days to replace a boiler; does that include labor costs?
Bedard: some of it requires rigging to the roof, or steel structures..days can vary depending on the site
Colorio: is there an actual labor cost breakdown?
Allen: it's all in the Honeywell in the contract, no additional charge

Novick: water conservation where?: faucets and toilets: water reduction there and also some farther back in the system
note here that the push-on faucets don't work well for little kids
small-scale wind turbine going where at Tech? Possibly near the entrance

Economou asks how much the savings is: Allen, can send to committee and council

FY12 airport sale dollars: $3 million additional to the usual $3 million provided to the schools
Ten schools planned to do: completed projects at Doherty, Burncoat High, South High, Worcester East Middle (except for science lab), Union Hill, Chandler Elementary, and Flagg Street over last summer
Clark Street completed over vacations
Goddard new bathrooms in basement; new bathroom upstairs during this summer
Tatnuck Magnet completed over summer
awaiting Worcester East Middle science labs: remaining FY12 building rehab funds

O'Brien: goes through where the money came from
$1.3 million remaining on FY12

environmental abatement
27 projects to be done this summer
old North High was one of 29 and is being demolished (and thus leaves the list)
Foley Stadium is the other and isn't included in the sort of work done this summer
Over the summer:
  • lighting fixture replacement*
  • fresh air intake optimization and system balance
  • targeted surface cleaning
  • weatherization of windows
*West Tatnuck and Worcester Arts Magnet are eligible and will receive new fixtures throughout the building this summer

"maintenance activities, not abatement" Allen
this is being paid for by utilities savings in this coming year (as voted by the School Committee already)
Foley: short term and long term plan
"relatively small dollars" for maintenance
long term plan is removal and disposal of these windows
Economou: what is happening at Forest Grove since we just redid it?
Bedard: limited to no work at Forest Grove
Economou: right schools for right processes
Bedard: renovation had taken care of  much of what was concerned

Zalauskas wants to know what's being used for weatherization
Bedard: out to bid (it's in the specs on the city website)
Zalauskas: why aren't you doing all the schools?
Other activities at other schools

FY13 items: and MSBA Accelerated repair
revert $3 million to Accelerated repair projects
annual statement of interests sent through SC and CC and then submitted to MSBA; making our 20% from the $3 million given to us by the city (keeping in mind that abatement is entirely our problem)
top priorities sent to MSBA:
  1. Harlow Street: windows, boiler, and roof replacement
  2. Jacob Hiatt Magnet: roof and boiler replacement
  3. Caradonio New Citizen: windows and boiler replacement
  4. Chandler Magnet: windows
  5. May Street: windows
  6. Lake View: windows
  7. Roosevelt: boiler
O'Brien: hear about Nelson Place in June, timeline on building, moving kids? mention of former Saint Peter-Marian Junior High
Allen: location on existing site, movement of students
O'Brien suggests meeting again at Nelson Place at the end of June
Economou requests an accurate plot plan

Novick: these are not in order, we are getting information through MSBA on how much this will costs our side (so how many we can fund)
needed on accelerated repair after MSBA approval? Nothing
on Nelson Place: we will need a building committee: request that one be formed now (the City Manager is the one who establishes a building committee)

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