Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teaching, Learning, and Student Support reporting out (with lots o' conversation around gym!)

(this includes both the question of kindergarten age and the sports counting as gym items)

 several motions coming out asking for information and funding formula changes on the kindergarten item, including a request that preschool be included in state funding, and that teachers have conversations in April with parents about potential holdbacks
report coming back in December

there's several motions here dealing with reports on any changes in test scores from grants received

several motions here coming out of a report on computer gaming, including asking about computer capacity needs, suggested courses, curriculum selections, and funding possiblities

recommendation for gym alternatives for on-campus, off-campus, and team sports options

Mullaney: appreciates gym options, point is you're taking seven classes, not for faint of heart, maximize time in classroom
asks about publicizing this: last year's eighth graders?
kids just automatically assigned; options not given to kids or parents
sophomores "still slogging through that requirement might want to fulfill it that way"
Boone: options that have a measure of physical rigor in them; are there other ways in which we can meet that requirement?
Boone points out that this isn't approved yet, so no one could announce this ahead of time
there is some flexibility in this
Mullaney asks that this be advertised to students in schools

Novick: series of questions on how we're going to be check on the kids outside of school requirements
contact information given for the kids who are doing work out of school
creation of caste system: jocks don't take gym
Admin: that this replaces only two of the four years of gym (can't replace all four years); we've been out of compliance on the final two years of high school
Monfredo points out being revisited in spring
also meeting with legislatures about funding
Mullaney: confused: this is an option for only juniors and seniors?
not what she had in mind when she proposed this
where along the line was the decision made for this to be the third and fourth years?
Admin: had to find a way to offer phys ed to ALL students to comply with state law
Mullaney: turning ourselves into pretzels because we can't afford to hire gym teachers
still haven't addressed kids who want to fulfill this in a non-classroom way
Admin: "healthy, well, fitness-focused young adults"
Mullaney: springing on juniors and seniors this new requirement
"don't see this as progress..don't see that the state backed down on anything"
"these are the kids that don't need to be reminded to work out"
would like to send it back to subcommittee for more thinking around this
Boone: to address the non-compliance within the facilities and space in the day
students who didn't take four years "got a gift, if you will"
have to do that...will we phase it in? Start with ninth graders
deal with limitations we have; not having PE is not one of the options
"realistic and pertinent ways" to tackle the issue
Mullaney: why can't the option to fulfill gym this way apply for all four years?
Boone: I don't think there's anything saying they can't
Mullaney: motion to recommit to subcommittee "unless Mr. Foley says something that puts this on a whole new level"
Foley: agrees to recommit to subcom
was looking to allow athletes to be exempt from phys ed class during the two years it was required
"I think there's confusion here"
"if we're looking to fulfill the requirements, what are we going to do with the non-athletes?"
Boone: no PE is not an option
Foley: budgetary impact for their third and fourth years of high school
"that's part of the conversation as well"
O'Connell: one vote we're taking tonight doesn't limit to juniors and if it passes...left to discretion of admin
dealt with on a case by case basis
Boone: simply to establish the opportunity for these courses; don't want it handled on a case by case basis
Novick: supports recommital
and how much would it cost to hire enough gym teachers for everyone to take 4 years of gym in high school? Motion for that information
Monfredo: this just allows the option...state said we could do two of school
Mullaney: Monfredo raises all the unanswered questions;self-selected for kids who can pay for dance, karate (not every kid can do that)
necessarily going to have more people
Boone: fiscal, time, and space....doesn't think gym is a negative course
think we hear overwhelming concensus to return this to standing committee
Monfredo: need a clarification from the state, if it's a two year program or a four year program

gym goes back to subcom; all else passes

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