Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New playgrounds!

I didn't manage to post on the presentation we had yesterday in Finance and Operations subcommittee by Rob Antonelli, Assistant Commissioner of Parks for the city. There are (or will be as of the end of next week) two new playgrounds in the city of Worcester, one next to a school and one on school property.
If you've been swimming in Bennett Field Pool this summer, you've witnessed the first one. The Parks and Recreation Department has put together a new master plan for Bennett Field (from airport money), and the first priority was the playground. This is a parks playground, but the property lines between city park, state park, and public school run so crazy back there, you'd never know it; this is the Gates Lane School playground. It's brand new; there's a little kid section and a big kid section, and when I went by yesterday, it was full of kids!
The other playground, on school property this time, is at Quinsigamond School. This is paid for with Greenwood Street landfill funds. They are just missing the start of school for having it done; it should be finished next week. Again, two playgrounds, one for each age group, plus swings. Also, this one has the poured rubberized surface (for those who hate concrete and anyone who knows how quickly mulch subsides). Looking forward to seeing that one.
Abundant thanks due here to Councilor Eddy, Councilor Clancy (each of whom advocated for their district schools, respectively), and the Parks Department. Excellent work!
Photos to follow!

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