Thursday, August 25, 2011

Looking for a list

of what capital projects were completed this summer and what hasn't gotten done (along with when we think it will be done)
Biancheria cites the science labs at Worcester East Middle (which didn't get a first or second round bid), asphalt on Doherty's driveway (which is now done, due to free cash and state aid. All $50,000 of it)
Allen says all other WEMS projects are done
hoping that the science labs can be started during the fall
remaining paving jobs done during the fall of the school year
Allen: we have to work with the City Manager to get the additional $3 million for FY12 capital funds, for the next round of capital repairs
Biancheria asks for updates on the science labs at Worcester East Middle

kudos from the mayor to the plant and finance staff

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