Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PCG consulting on our custodial services (at Finance & Operations)

free review of efficiency in custodial services
review of financial, staffing, operations data
interviews with CFO, Facilities director, 2 custodians (only 2?)
"key performance indicator benchmarking analysis"
cost per square foot, total workload, M&O expenses as percent of total, review work order history, comparision with peer district

Foley: below median on what we're spending as percent of general fund
are we behind the national average due to smaller schools (and needing custodians in every one)?
Yes, 35,000 to 40,000 sq foot for smaller schools
breakdown for smaller schools; how do we compare without the smaller schools in?
Foley cites painting as not a strong area, that's now been outsourced
different work orders take different lengths of time; considered internally
why did we get it free? Gives them the experience and work with us for a start
Foley quips that the next one might not be free

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