Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finance and Operations reporting out...

Auditors came (as you know...)
mention of the dispute over the 1% v 3% grant fee: we're going to be cited as out of compliance again, because we're continuing to cite 1% as the admin cost and (one assumes) the city is going to continue to take 3%
We are also paying for the auditor as well as paying for the outside auditor
Auditing is part of what the admin fee pays for, so why do we get charged again for the independent auditor?
motion looking at that

MSBA list: seeking clarification on the rating of schools (how did they come up with the grades, particular school-by-school)
Foley comments that there were some surprises and some that were not

increase of bus fleet by one large school bus for an additional $68,000
asking superintendent to speak with City Manager regarding cost of that bus

playgrounds (now the ribbon cuttings!)
O'Brien: question on Gates Lane School; parking lot greater?
Allen explains the master plan includes additional parking for the parks and school, 'though only a few
O'Brien asks if there's any way to add more parking lot

Mullaney: schedules home in summer. Has heard it's been working well: "the kids are chatting about their classes on Facebook"
staff in schools before school started? How did that work? How many people used that service?

Biancheria: did not get the response for the list of transportation
Allen: had already been answered
recommitted to subcom so the committee can get the report (again)
The Mayor asks how much a bus costs and is answered by the committee: $68,000
approves of talking to the Manager about that

O'Connell points out (in essence) that the state was the one at fault on one of the findings, as they kept changing  the rules on when we had to use the money; one can only amend grants so many times
asks to recommit the Doherty item
Boone points out that there is a pending item on Doherty, Burncoat, and South High (thus Doherty is included), which is more or less what Foley said on filing the item
O'Brien looking for "rough numbers" on Forest Grove-style rehabs for Doherty, Burncoat, South
city architectural services cost estimate first
"try to take some creative approaches..."on repairs
"talk more holistically...multi-school approach" on repair and rehab
O'Connell stands to (I think) for recommital
O'Brien amends to include South and Burncoat

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Neil and Joan said...

The independent auditor performs what is called a "single audit" and it is a requirement on grants over 500,000. I would be questioning why the school dept pays for the first audit since City Hall takes an excessive amt of funds in indirect costs. Sad part is they could charge a little more as it is the negotiated indirect rate and they do not need to justify these funds.