Tuesday, August 23, 2011

City independent auditors for FY09 and FY10

presentation by Sullivan, Rogers & Company for FY09 and FY10
FY09: electricity encumberances
student activity funds now being reviewed on an annual basis
major federal programs: nutrition, Title 1, sped, Title III, and ARRA
state changing dates applicable to things
federal money requested too far in advance
FY10: encumberance issue taken care of
student activity clean-up continued (being dealt with now)
indirect costs: city went to HUD and changed indirect cost rate from 1% to 3%
grants were written with 1%; 3% taken by city
Davis-Bacon act: construction projects of over a certain amount need certified payroll (for prevailing wage rate)
wages and salaries charged to a grant, procedures and documentation must be followed
Foley: to look at it, understand it from a management perspective
nothing here to concern me
keep finding in context

management findings even on WPS were provided by city treasurer...some were not written by WPS, particularly that having to do with grant funding

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