Monday, August 22, 2011

Finance and Operations meeting: Audits, Buildings, and Playgrounds!

There is a meeting of the Finance and Operations Standing Committee tomorrow afternoon at 1pm on the fourth floor of the Administration Building. You can find the agenda here.
You'll find it's a rather hefty agenda, not so much in terms of the number of items, but in terms of the backups!
There's the auditors reports from 2009, plus the auditors reports from 2010 (both sets of auditors are coming in).
There's the entire Mass School Buildings Associations report (some interesting stuff in here).
There's also reports on not one, but TWO playgrounds: one at Quinsigamond School, one at Gates Lane. Very exciting!

We're also reporting out on summer access to schedules, wifi spots, and how Putnam Lane closing is costing us an additional bus.

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